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WORKFLOW: Group Portraits

When shooting an event or a wedding there are always the obligatory formal group photos that need to be taken. While not the most exciting shots they need to be taken and need to be done quickly and well. This is one of the few times at an event I will put my camera to Manual mode. I take an average reading to get the correct exposure once and then leave it on that setting for all the shots. The reason for this: you may get the majority of the group in one shot wearing all light colors so your meter will under expose the entire photo and then in the next everyone is in black in which case your camera will over expose everything. Get a good reading and then just stick with it. Here is where the post production workflow comes in. When you edit these photos you only have to correct one and then you can sync all the rest in PhotoShop or LightRoom (or whichever RAW processing software you are using.) This will help make these photos quick and painless.

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