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Marketing: What is Your Message?

WHAT is your message?

One of the best tag-lines I have seen from a fellow photographer is by Red-Loft Studios “Not Your Mother’s Wedding Photography.” It is fun and not expected and therefore, becomes memorable. It is called the Stickiness Factor or Viral Marketing. Remember “Where’s the beef?” or “Got Milk?” Yes, these companies spent millions on marketing, something we, as small business owners do not have. But you can still make your business memorable with your marketing. Can you hit on an emotion, or team up with a charity? A photographer friend of mine, Johnna Bockover introduced herself to me through a photo contest called Star Shooter whereby entrant fees goes to giving underprivileged kids the opportunity to be photographers themselves through workshops. This is smart marketing that gives back. It takes a lot of time and effort so if you choose to align with a charity, pick something you feel strongly about or start your own.

If charity work is not for you, think in terms of viral. What makes something viral? On Youtube, why do you click on something? The only things I click on are those from people I know, like, and trust. This goes back to the “Who” of your marketing strategy. See how they are all linked? To make your tag-line or marketing campaign memorable follow these guidelines: make it funny, out of the ordinary, unexpected, or grammatically incorrect. Ask yourself: “Why would anyone want to pass on my message?” “Can I include an incentive?” What your message is will make or break you so think long and hard before you speak!

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