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Wedding And Event Specialists Open House

I hosted a successful Open House for Wedding And Event Specialists today at my studio in Beverly Hills. There was a lot of positive energy in the room… just the way I like it! 😀 Special thanks to Marc Dahm of Bluecat International for setting up his new Flippin’ Cool flip books booth, Melinda Piligian of CAKEgoodness for bringing her new and most fabulous “CAKEpops,” and Sabrina Vegnone of Sabrina’s Sweetery for bringing her delicious mini cookie bites!

Here are a few snaps my assistants, Santiago Valencia and Samantha Logan took during the one hour event.


Melinda’s yummy (and I mean YUMMY) CAKEpops.


Sabrina’s delectable mini cookies. (the lemon were my faves!)


Wedding And Event Specialists information brochures.

















Mark with is trusted (and might I add extremely talented photographer) office manager, Brittany. Check out her work here:








Some guests taking a look at their “created on the spot” flip books. These things are super cool!


Guests in attendance of the Wedding And Event Specialists Open House
(in first name alphabetical order.)


Betsy diFrancesca
Betsy diFrancesca Hair & Makeup
(818) 786-0422

Jaime Macias
Lensley, LLC (Automated Portrait Studios)
(310) 895-0974

Jen O’Sullivan
Jen O’Sullivan Boutique Wedding Photography
357 South Robertson Boulevard
Beverly Hills, California 90211
(310) 494-6547

Lorna Small
Small World Travel (Destination Weddings and Honeymoon Specialist)
(310) 397-2704

Marc Dahm
Bluecat International, LLC (Videography and Flip Books)
357 S. Robertson Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 360-0631

Melinda Piligian
CAKEgoodness (Cake Artisit)
(661) 755-1367


Arley Ann Laman
Events Me! (Event Planner)
(310) 909-4049

Cheryl Jablow
Social Frog Designs (Event Producer and Custom Correspondence)
(661) 722-9966

Rev. Clint Hufft (Officiant)
(323) 936-9027

Gretchen Gill Durgan
Flower Power L.A.
(310) 923-1322

Joanna Chong

J. Soiree (Event Producer)
(323) 244-8865

Josh Kafka
Blisscape (Travel and Bliss Agent)

Julia Hewitt
Eventures Inc. (Event Producer)
(818) 673-2961

Mary Jean Valente
A Ceremony of the Heart (Officiant)
(323) 650-3020

Michael Quarterman
Sound Stills (DJ and Photography)
(310) 729-2200

Nesly Palacios
Nesly’s Floral Design & Events
(323) 428-7017 cell

Pam Bloch
Celebration Cards (Wedding Branding and Couture Invitations)
(877) 725-7897

Sabrina Vegnone
Sabrina’s Sweetery (Custom Cookies)
(323) 632-8470

Tami Brown
Celebrate with Tami Brown (Certified Wedding Planner)
(310) 691-9961

Tara Dowburd-Luftman
Make-Up Therapy (Make-Up Artist)
(310) 709-6585


Copyright © 2010 by Jen O’Sullivan
Beverly Hills Wedding Photographer, Jen O’Sullivan is a boutique wedding photographer who specializes in portrait journalism.
Jen O’Sullivan Boutique Wedding Photography | 357 South Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, 90211 | 310-494-6547

Marketing: Where is Your Message Seen?

Where is your message seen?

It is said that you or your message needs to be seen or hear 6 times before someone will remember it. However, if your message is poorly written no one will remember it, ever. If your message is sent to the wrong audience, the same is true. No one will ever receive or remember it and all your efforts will be in vain. The environment you choose to throw your message into is equally important as WHO your messenger is and WHAT your message is about. Think in terms of demographics. What are you trying to sell? Who buys what you are trying to sell? Where are those people? It would be odd to sell wedding photography to bankers. Sure a couple may be engaged but that is not a solid resource for you as a wedding photographer.

If you think Facebook is the correct place to market your business, think long and hard before taking that leap. Know your audience (friends). What are they interested in? Will they appreciate your message being shoved down their throat again and again or will they just make you “hidden” in their news feed. This is a very real issue that is causing concern for people who couldn’t fathom being “hidden.” So, is social networking the wave of the marketing future? In some ways yes, and in some ways an emphatic NO. What do people value most today? They value face time. A simple phone call. A chat over coffee or tea. Lunch together. They value the opinion of people they know, like, and trust. This is what will bring you business. Invest in some key people in your industry or people who can help spread the word. I am not talking about training them. I am talking about building a friendship with them. Something that goes beyond marketing. The reason social networking became so popular in the first place. We went from being reclusive, only go out on Friday nights people to “hanging out” all the time (even at work) people on Facebook. The downfall is how filled with marketing tactics it has become. Be careful and be wise when you deal with Facebook.

All in all, Facebook is just one area you can start your “Tipping Point” campaign. It is in building relationships beyond the scope of just your inner circle. You need to think bigger, larger, wider, vaster than you could even imagine. Do it now. Don’t just sit on this information or you will forget it. Make some lists, contact some people, and get moving!

Upcoming Lecture Series: Facebook “The Dos & Don’ts”   Contact Jen for more details

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Copyright © 2010 by Jen O’Sullivan

Beverly Hills Wedding Photographer, Jen O’Sullivan is a boutique wedding photographer who specializes in portrait journalism.

Jen O’Sullivan Boutique Wedding Photography | 357 South Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California, 90211 | 310-494-6547