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Engagement Session with Justin and Jenifer

Jenifer and Justin are getting married on Valentine’s Day! Here are a few shots from our recent mini engagement session behind my studio in Beverly Hills. I love all the textures and diversity back there! One thing I always do during an e-shoot is practice our moves. Most people are not professional models so it is important to give them a little direction so they can interact naturally. Needless to say there is a lot of kissing and snuggling going on. When you are shooting look for the aftermath, too. Often the best shots are right after they have been kissing. 😀










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Photo Tip Using Your Point-and-shoot

Many people think it is all about the camera. There is some truth to this. I would never try to capture a wedding on a point and shoot. I am currently in Mammoth on vacation and I always have a good time trying to do an “artsy” shot with my little Canon Powershot point and shoot camera. It does a pretty good job for fun macro shots. Here’s a couple I like. I am a sucker for a good icicle. 🙂 Remember, photography should be fun and a good way to flex your creative muscle AND you do not always have to have the best equipment. So go out with whatever camera you have and PLAY!