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TECHNIQUE: Interior Photography

studio_02As a wedding photographer I love the fact that I get to shoot all sorts of things: from still life, to portraits, to PJ, to automotive, to architecture, to interiors. Being an Art Center grad (2001) we were trained back then in all areas of commercial photography. Here are a few tips when shooting interiors:

  1. Move the furniture. If things are not in the right place (think bad tangencies) then move it. 90% of interior shooting is moving furniture (not a joke!)
  2. Turn on all light fixtures that are in the room AND let the natural daylight in.
  3. Take things out that do not need to be there. De-clutter everything. 
  4. Use the widest angle lens you have. Preferably one that does not distort by bowing the straight lines. I use the Canon EF 14mm f/2.8 L USM Lens
  5. Try to get an even amount of ceiling to floor ratio, unless the floor is really great or vice versa. Just don’t make it to heavy or empty in one area.

The above photo is of my studio in Beverly Hills.

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TECHNIQUE: Irrational Composition

20080913_img_0238Irrational Composition is a term I use to describe composition that is out of the ordinary. We all know the rule of thirds, to fill the frame, and to have leading lines, but what happens when we throw the rules out the window? Crop off heads, or place the portrait really low on the frame. Basically have fun and play. It is okay to have negative space, but keep things simple. Don’t have a busy background. Think graphic shapes to spice up your composition. It may not always work, but when it does, you will love the look.

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Copyright © 2009 by Jen O’Sullivan