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TECHNIQUE: Custom Function 4

If you are a Canon user you will want to read this especially if you shoot action.
Set your camera to Custom Function 4:3 (AE/AF, no AE lock) and your Auto Focus to AI SERVO. (AI means Artificial Intelligence because it uses algorithms to track and predicts where the subject is moving to.) Custom Function 4 allows you to focus the lens with your thumb on the * button while the shutter release only releases the shutter. By using 4:3 (the third option in the CF4 set) along with the AI Servo mode you will be able to hold the * button down and it will track focus on a moving subject. Once you release the * button the focus will lock until you push the * button again. This is quite useful in many situations and you will find that once you try it it might be the new way you shoot.

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