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WORKFLOW: Blogging

Okay, I have heard it all before: “Who has time to blog every day when I am trying to streamline my workflow, not add more work?” IF YOU ARE A PHOTOGRAPHER YOU NEED TO HAVE A BLOG! No question. You need to make blogging part of everything else in your studio workflow. If you want to be successful and blogging and gain a wide readership here 10 tips to get you started: (These are true for anyone trying to start a blog or make a better one. You do not need to be a photographer to utilize these tips.)

  1. Write about something you LOVE.
  2. Write how you would speak (conversationally.)
  3. You posts should be short, to the point, and well written. (Check out “On Writing Well” for more tips.) Note the bold “short.” Take this seriously!
  4. Pick a specific topic and stick with it.
  5. Re-post other people’s posts you find interesting or helpful. (Give proper credit!)
  6. Feed your blog posts straight into Facebook’s Notes section and also use Twitter to let people know you have posted.
  7. Be opinionated but do your research.
  8. Do a minimum of 3 posts per week (YOU HAVE TO FEED THE BEAST OR THE BEAST WILL DIE!)
  9. Schedule your posts. Think about the days of the week that are less busy and then come up with a fun way to remember what to post on. For example: “Black and White Wednesday” “Macro Monday” “Focus Friday” Be creative and think in terms of what you would consistently be able to come up with under your topics. The broader you are, the better.
  10. Most importantly, have fun with it!

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WORKFLOW: Free Photoshop Actions

As you may know, I have been exceptionally busy between weddings, bookings, the June 30th Open House for my new company Event Pros International, the June 30th opening lecture for the inaugural Term of ASAP Mentoring, and my first month in my new Beverly Hills studio. I hope you will be kind in forgiving my lack of posts over the past few days.

For Workflow Wednesday I thought I would post on a helpful tip one of my students (Michelle Castro) gave the class yesterday: Coffee Tea Photography

I mentioned this great site last night – she is an amazing resource for PS/PSE/LR – she offers FREE actions, presets, storyboards, and many other things. Check her out – she even has a group on flickr.  Happy downloading! — Michelle

To view more helpful photo tips go to and learn something new today!
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