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Wedding Photography Mistake #3

The Truant
Your big day is here, you have been up since 5 in the morning getting your hair done. You are now getting the final touches of your make-up and you are about ready to put your dress on. Where’s the photographer? He was supposed to be here an hour ago! Your mom calls him and finds out he is stuck in traffic. This is typical of Los Angeles, but should not be typical for your wedding day.
ADVICE: Make sure your photographer understands the distance they need to travel and find out what amount of time they will be giving themselves to make that drive. In LA the photographer should give themselves at least 2 hours for for a 45 mile drive.

Sigma 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

OK, I know it is a bit cheese but I love to take macro nature photography like so many other photographers out there. It is one of those things that truly makes me happy. I have never had a macro lens in the past because some of my other lenses will render pretty nice shots close up. On of my principal shooters, a, recommended this little gem that I wrote a post on a few months ago; the Sigma 50mm f/2.8 EX DG Macro Lens . There is a Canon lens that is a little better but it is a 100mm and is quite big and bulky. The point of the Sigma is that it is SMALL! I will only use it to shoot the ring shots so it doesn’t make sense to buy ANOTHER big lens to lug around all day just for one shot. Here are a few shots from my mom’s garden during my family birthday party.

Jeremy and Amber

Today was a fantastic engagement photo shoot with Amber and Jeremy out off of Iron Canyon. It felt like a spring day only in the middle of winter! These two had no problem keeping up with my requests for them to kiss. Thanks for a fun break in my day of archiving and I look forward to working with you both!

Wedding Photography Mistake #4

The Time-line Crasher

You have planned your wedding down to the second. It is a master piece fit for the LA Philharmonic. Every vendor has been given a time-line of where to be and when. Your big day is here and your photographer has no clue of the time-line or just plain forgot it. He has now made things impossible to go smoothly because he took too long taking the portrait session and too long setting up the lights that kept shorting out during the family photos.

As a wedding photographer I take the entire day off before the event. I decompress and memorize the time-line for the next day. Since I am the one service provider that is with the bride for practically her entire day, I also provide the service of answering “what time is it?” I have yet to see a bride or any of her bride’s maids wear a watch. Oddly, you will never see me with a watch on unless I am shooting a wedding. It is the only time during my week when I need to know the time. Brides are always grateful that someone took the time to know (without having to look) the time-line. It takes a huge burden off her and allows her to go with the flow of the day.

Side note: there are brides who will NOT follow any time-line on the day of, even if she swears she is an on-time person and has nit-picked the time-line down to the second. When this happens it is really important that you go with the flow and literally work around her. Remember: it is her day.
Note to Brides: if you are looking for a photographer and are concerned that they might miss shots or mess up your schedule I always recommend getting their most recent clients contact info and actually calling them.


Back in Time: A Poem by my Great Grandmother in 1899


Only a Photograph
Among a hundred others.
But how it glows!
As his touch o’er it hovers,
The dark eyes flash
Then gaze as a true lover’s
When they meet mine.

Passing it lightly by?
Dear friend. . . does it mean no more to you
Than any other?
Smiled it not on you when brought to view
From out the heap?
Bringing to your eyes hot drops of dew
As fill my own?

You’ve dropped it!
How came you by such thoughtlessness?
Let me pick it up!
See! What reproachful gentleness
Glows from its eyes. . .
Pardon you? Most certainly. Yes.
(How could he know?)

By Grace Alldredge (my great grandmother)
October 26, 1899
Des Moines, Iowa

The poem is about the above photograph of one of her many “sweethearts” in her 20′s. His name was Wellsley Hux Greathead and it was taken in November of 1897 in Marshalltown, Iowa.

This is Grace Alldredge taken in 1895 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Photo 150: Thanks for a Great Class!

Wednesday night was the culmination of the Fall Semester Photo 150 class that I taught at College of the Canyons in Valencia. First, I would like to say, WHAT A GREAT BUNCH OF STUDENTS! My husband would laugh at me every time I would come home from class because I had so much energy. I have been teaching in some form or another since 1990, formally teaching (getting paid) since 1999. Teaching keeps me on top of my game and allows me to share the one thing I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do: photography! Well, this semester I had a truly wonderful class with a full house every Wednesday night. I even had a bunch of the die-hards show up the night before Thanksgiving, plus attend two location shoots that were added to the class as optional. There is some great talent in these students and I hope they all continue to photograph everything. I look forward to seeing many of them again next semester for the Wedding Photography class. Same time, same place starting in February. There is already a waiting list for this class, so let’s make the list so long they have to move us to the amphitheater! I love teaching on a platform! : P