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Charity Engagement Shootout Swag Bag

Swag? I LOVE swag. Swag is basically free stuff from vendors when you go to trade shows. If you have been to any recently they seem to just have a bunch of paper in them. For my Charity Engagement Shootout, I really wanted it to be fun for my guests so I encouraged everyone who went into the bag to give something thoughtful. We had only two magazine sponsors (I don’t want it to be all magazines) and then one gift from each vendor. Here are some of the gifts that went into the bag. This is not including all the wonderful gifts the photographers gave. The magazines were Los Angeles Weddings and Get Married. We had a potted plant from Wisteria Lane Flower Shop, a beautiful custom thank you card with a butterfly from Cali Cards, and personal face blotters from Betsy diFrancesca Hair and Makeup. We had yummy cake pops from CAKEgoodness, delicious candied almonds from Weddings & Events by Kerri Hatter, and a free bootcamp session from BWell Fit. There were fancy favor cookies from The Butter End Cakery, and I gave gum and blotters, and a few wild flower seeds, and candles (I couldn’t resist!) Like I said, I love swag. See the previous post for what the bag looked like. My next Charity Engagement Shootout on November 4th will be even better so everyone who plans to be involved you better start thinking how to one up on that bag! 😛








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