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Creating Categories for Online Wedding Photo Previews

Now that everyone is shooting like crazy and giving their clients well over 1000-1500 images, think about this: On average it takes a minimum of 1 hour per every 1000 images to look through (and that is for the no lallygagging viewer.) If all the images are lumped into one group it would be very frustrating and time consuming to find the one image they are looking for. This will also hurt your image sales if the client has a hard time locating what they want to purchase. Remember: we all have ADD when it comes to surfing the internet. Here are some helpful categories you may consider placing your image into before you show your clients:

1. Preparations
2. Bridal Portraits
3. Groom Portraits
4. Ceremony
5. Family Portraits
6. Newlyweds
7. Guests
8. Reception

TIP 1: Try to keep each category to under 300 images with the exception of the reception. If the reception is over 800 images think about breaking it up into sub categories like “candids” “guests” “cake-garter-bouquet”

TIP 2: Keep the number of categories to about 8.

TIP 3: Another category that I like to add in is “Photographers Faves.” This helps my clients know which images I think are the best ones and it often helps them narrow down their favorites for their album.

My Categories are usually set up like this:

1. Photographers Faves
2. Preparations
3. Ceremony
4. Formals
5. Newlyweds
6. Reception
7. Photo Booth
8. Assistant

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