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When can we expect to see our photos?
In about 10 weeks

How much do you require for a retainer?
1/3 to 1/2 of total package depending on when you book.

What are your payment methods?
Cash or Check (Paypal too with service fee)

When is final payment due?
One month before your event.

How many photographers will come?
A minimum of two with most packages.

What type of albums do you create?
Flush mount, custom designed, leather or linen bound as well as ready made price saver albums.

When can I purchase an album?
Any time.

Is an engagement session included in your packages?
A complimentary mini (20) engagement session is included in Aliso Viejo. For a farther distance location session or a longer session there is a fee.

What’s included in an engagement session?
40 minutes, on location shoot with a full archive of your images.

Do you shoot digital, film, or both?
Digital with film upon request (35mm to medium format.)

What cameras do you use?
Canon for digital, Mamiya RZ67 for film.

How many shots can we expect to get?
The average 8 hour wedding will yield around 800 images.

What percentage of black & white to color photos will we get?
Mostly color: any image may be changed later to black & white with a few artistic exceptions.

What is your archive process with my digital photographs?
3 hard drive copies, 1 out-of-state copy.

Will we get to keep the negatives?
Digital Files: Yes    Digitally Copied Film Negatives: Yes

Who holds the copyright of the images?
I hold the copyright and grant you personal usage rights for life.

When will we get them and how will they be presented?
Digital Files: 6 months presented via FTP.
Film Negatives: All film will be scanned as high resolution files and will be delivered as FTP.

Do you shoot RAW or JPEG at our wedding?

Do you edit and enhance the photos before giving us the files?
Yes, they are all artistically valued and culled for the best quality. (Extra extensive photoshop work is extra). However if you purchase an instant package you will not get any editing.

Do you offer online proofing and how long will my photos be online?
Yes, your photos will be online for a minimum of 3 months. (extensions available)

Do you have references I can contact?
You are welcome to ask for any of my past client’s contact info to see how they liked my services.


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