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Image Concepting

“What to shoot, what to shoot. There are so many things out there and I cannot think of a one!” Have you had this conversation before with yourself? Here is some advice to get your brain working. Taken from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards and discussed recently with Tim Bradley, coming up with a concept or idea for your photograph can be deduced to a simple three step process. Saturation – Incubation – “a-ha!” Tim also talked about the fact that there are three places that the “a-ha” moment usually occurs. Can you guess? I’ll tell you at the end. Anyhow, Saturation is the brainstorming process of basically getting it all out or as some might call it: “idea vomit.” A little harsh, I know, but it captures the true essence of what brain storming should be like. Nothing held back. Once you get it all out, then you need to let it marinate. The incubation process is less active and more introspective. Mull over the ideas over the course of a few days. Be ready, because the “a-ha” moment can happen at any time. When? Here is the answer: Most people will experience the “a-ha!” moment while doing one of three activities: trying to fall asleep, taking a shower, driving. These are all times when the subconscious is strong at work. You know how it feels. Just think of the last time you drove home and can’t remember the drive or as Tim put it, “drove right past your exit.” You get so engrossed in the creative right brained thinking that all logic goes out the window. You are literally on auto-pilot. It has been said that this type of driving is actually safer because your reaction time is quicker. I can’t tell you how that works but I do know that I have been cut off before when driving in this mode and I was like a well trained dog without hesitation. As for the other two, if your ideas come while falling asleep, you better have a pen and paper at your bedside table or you are liable to forget it in the morning. If you are the “idea-in-the-shower” type be prepared for a hefty water bill!

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