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NOT Keeping Up with the Joneses (HEALTH)

One of my actual dinners at a wedding. The cheif was not happy I was a vegan so this was his "solution" to my problem.

One of my dinners at a wedding. Vegans are so difficult! 😛

Part 2 of the 12 part series on balancing your life.

Out of the 10 main areas of concern when it comes to balancing your life, I listed HEALTH first because when you are down and out so is everything else in your life. Literally. Think about your home. If one person gets sick, they tend to bring the whole household down with them. And when that happens there will be a major loss in workflow and productivity. Here is what you need to do. GET HEALTHY. The number one reason most of you are not healthy has nothing to do with your ability to run up a flight of stairs or do 100 sit ups. It has everything to do with the crap you are fueling your body with. Here is where you may start to hate me just a bit. 🙂

You cannot drink coffee. Not one single cup. Caffeine saps your energy. Even drinking decaf. Tea is bad too. The only thing is herbal tea. That is it. No soda. No sports drinks. Definitely no energy drinks. All these things put chemicals, sugar, and yuck into your system. Your body then expends energy trying to figure out what to do with it. It saps your energy AND your immune system. Water. That’s it. Juice is fine too if you are a juicer straight from the fruit or vegetable. Anything else is worthless. Why? It is called pasteurization. Most drinkable liquids from natural substances like juice and milk need to be processes so as to reduce the number or pathogenic micro-organisms. This process will also most of the vital nutrients your body needs leaving whatever you are drinking somewhat useless. How the companies get around this is they will fortify the drink with vitamins and minerals that were lost in the pasteurization process bringing it all back to where it was when the process began. But is it really back? Not quite. Nutrients work together synergistically and mother nature got it right the first time.

The only way to ensure you are getting the right nutrients is a diet high in raw fruits and veggies. So, seriously, who has time for that. I try all the time to eat well when I can. You may know that I was vegan for the last year and am now vegetarian meaning I eat cheese and ice cream sometimes. Mostly my goal throughout the week is to eat as raw as I can. Nuts, dried fruit, whole fruit, lots of salad with just veggies (no cheese or creamy dressing). This may sound hard, but I will tell you I used to eat steak 3 times a week and a glass of milk every night. I was also a size 12 and tired all the time. I am not saying vegetarianism is for everyone however I am saying you should consider lowering your intake of animal proteins to 5% of your total food intake.

Let’s say this is not an option for you. My husband would laugh me out of the house if I tried to enforce this (although I have gotten him to regularly eat meatless meatballs.) WARNING: I am going to sell you something. Juice Plus+ It is what my entire family is on. You take it instead of your vitamins because it is a food vitamin rather than an isolated man made vitamin. I can tell you with certainty that this one product alone is why I am as healthy as I am. It is why my son of 27 months has only gotten one cold his entire life even with weekly trips to one of the most viral places on earth, Disneyland. If you want to check into it, go to I am not trying to make any money off you rather I want you to be informed about something I swear by. I will never not take Juice Plus+ because my business and family depend on me.

Take your health seriously. Become an advocate for your body. You only have one.

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