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NOT Keeping Up with the Joneses (SPIRITUALITY)

Part 3 of the 12 part series on balancing your life.

Your spirituality is something between you and yourself, you and your God. I cannot tell you where you should or should not be spiritually because we are each on a different path. I can only tell you how I live. I am a Christian. I don’t judge others. I choose to love everyone where they are. I have a pretty active prayer life. I read my bible. I spend time with God. The time I spend helps me to stop, slow down, reconnect, and reassess where I am in life. If you are not a spiritual person I would like to recommend you start going on thankwalks. Take a fifteen minute walk around your neighborhood and with each step in rhythm only say what you are thankful for or are blessed with in your life. No ifs ands or buts. Just pure gratitude. If you can do this in the morning your whole day will be better for it.

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