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Composition (Tangencies)

Another buzz work with photography is “tangency.” You know, when someone takes a photo of you and you have a tree shooting out from the top of your head. That’s a bad tangency. One of my good friends got married many years ago and I was in the wedding. We set it up so that I was able to photograph them after the wedding and reception down at the Santa Monica Pier. This is one of my favorite photos, however there was a trail of tree tops climbing up her back. I don’t mind this tangency all that much, however I think it looks cleaner without the trees. I was as low as I could get on the rail so there was no re-framing. I always suggest re-framing to correct for bad tangencies. Most people don’t even notice things around the edges of the frame because they are so focused on what they are shooting. The best thing to do is to start using what I call the “5 point dart” when looking trough your viewfinder. Upper right, upper left, lower left, lower right, center. You must condition and train your eye to view EVERYTHING in your frame and not just what you are focusing on. This technique will help you catch bad tangencies and other things that do not belong, as well as strengthen your over all composition skills.