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PHOTO 101: Tips & Tricks (Reflections)

It’s Friday night. The day of rest. Before a wedding I always take the day to do a little of nothing. Mostly, I do some chores around the house and get all my gear ready for the next day’s wedding. I often go online or to a book store to look at some wedding photography to get some inspiration. I love seeing other work that is really good because it gets my blood moving to do better! One of my favorite things to do is look for reflections: mirrors, polished wood, glass, marble, something wet, anything that will reflect. It is the reason you see pavement watered down all the time in movies and TV shows. Light plays beautifully off of a shiny surface, and water makes a great reflection. The above shoe shot was an “inspired” shot that I saw another photographer do with some sandals. I liked it and so made it my own with the reflection and color. Below you will find some other ideas for reflections. Once you start noticing reflections, you will start to see them everywhere!