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Picking a Backdrop Color for Studio Portraits

Family portraits can be a lot of fun. I always start off with a simple darker backdrop. I see a lot of photographers using light blue or lighter backgrounds in general. I think this is not the most appealing. Everyone from light skinned to dark skinned look best with a richer toned backdrop. The look will be more warm and inviting. When you surround someone with darker tones it brings attention to the people. An old photo darkroom trick that dates back to the beginning of photography is vignetting: darkening of the edges. This happens naturally in some older cameras and artificially in the dark room or Photoshop/Lightroom. You can still see it today in the higher end commercials and movies and of course, still photography. This is the same concept for darker backdrops to move the attention to the person. A tip for those of you who do not want to purchase a backdrop: paint several walls in your home that are close to windows in darker tones such as army green (my favorite,) slate blue, or deep burgundy. When you place your subject against the wall make sure you are at least 3-4 feet away from the wall’s surface and have good window light on them. Here is a session from last weekend with the Awan Family and their sweet dog, Gambit.










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