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Portrait Lighting Using Reflectors

Bright sun: too squinty. Under a tree: to dappley. What do you do? No usable shade (because, really, who wants a bunch of dots on their face?) and there is nothing but sun, sun, sun for miles. Diffusion panel to the rescue! Bring along an assistant and create your own shade. You can make your own by going to the art store and buying a 40×40 inch canvas frame (no canvas) and then find yourself some translum diffusion sheeting (only place in town I know of to get the stuff is at the Art Center Student Store in Pasadena.) Cut two pieces to fit on the frame and staple gun it down (one sheet on one side and one on the other.) This will cost you a total of about $15. Okay, seriously just go buy a 5 in 1 disc for 30 bucks. Click HERE for a good one.

You will get:
1. translucent (the one you will use most for the above situation)
2. white (for fill light — great for eyes)
3. black (for negative fill — to create deeper shadows)
4. gold (to warm up skin tones)
5. silver (to cool down skin tones)

I really only use the translucent and the gold.

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