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Portrait Studio

The hot new thing at wedding receptions is a photo booth. You know, those stand alone boxes that your guests can cram a bunch of people in and take fun photos. The new ones are even equipped with a video monitor on the outside so people can see what everyone on the inside is doing. Very fun! Actually, it is too fun. I have been told by people who have had one of these booths at their wedding that it detracted too much from the party because everyone was too involved with the fun of the booth. Since 1999 I have been setting up portable portrait studios to take fun formal or candid shots of people at events. They are so much more elegant and the outcome is always more professional because you will have controlled beautiful lighting with an actual photographer shooting the portraits. This will get everyone involved at your wedding from the little kids to the grandparents. It is also not distracting because people get their portrait taken and then they go back to the party. The best part about it: you are providing your guests with something truly unique and unusual. They are looking their best and are usually with a loved one so they are able to take advantage of getting a professional portrait without having to pay the photographer’s fees. Of course, we always try to take some informal ones as well. Something for you as the bride and groom to think about is to make prints for each guest to include in your thank you cards after the wedding… what a priceless gift! Here are some shots from Chris and Jessica’s wedding at the Ebell Club in Long Beach.









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