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How do you like to get your photos from your photographer?
Just on CD with no proofs… CD with proof sheets… CD with proof prints… no CD, only prints straight from the photographer… prints from a professional online printing site loaded by the photographer…
The reason I ask: Most of my clients want their files so they can get them printed wherever they want. The main problem with this (and why many photographers will not give the files until your main print orders have been placed through them) is you will tend to go to Costco, Target, or some inexpensive online place like Kodakgallery or Snapfish. Here is what happens: no matter how great the photo is the print will always be yucky. Too dark, funky colors, etc. So, all that money you spent on the photography is now wasted on machine prints. At a professional lab the photo is optically printed, meaning someone actually looks at it and it then gets inspected for color balance and accuracy before it gets shipped to you. I encourage anyone who pays for professional photography to pay for professional prints as well. It makes all the difference in the world!

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