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Staying Healthy

As a wedding photographer it is imperative that I stay healthy. I have sinusitis which tends to give me problems during cold season. I literally used to go through an entire big box of tissues in one week. When I shot weddings in the past I would have to take a decongestant just so I would not have any issues, however I would shoot the entire day with cotton mouth from it drying me out completely. Two and a half years ago I stumbled on a product called Juice Plus+. Neither my husband, my 16 month old kid, nor I have been sick the entire time we have been on it. For me and Tim that translates to two and a half years of no colds or flues, and for Jacob his entire life. If you are interested in finding out more about Juice Plus+ and what it can do for you check out my referral page. I promise, it is worth your time in gold to research this stuff! To not being sick anymore! YAY!!!