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Facebook Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

Facebook can be a tricky place for many people. There are a lot of etiquette issues that need to be considered and learned before you jump in. It can be an addiction that you will love or hate. The hardest part is getting over the initial frustration of learning something new. For those of you […]

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Marketing: Where is Your Message Seen?

Where is your message seen? It is said that you or your message needs to be seen or hear 6 times before someone will remember it. However, if your message is poorly written no one will remember it, ever. If your message is sent to the wrong audience, the same is true. No one will […]

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Marketing: What is Your Message?

WHAT is your message? One of the best tag-lines I have seen from a fellow photographer is by Red-Loft Studios “Not Your Mother’s Wedding Photography.” It is fun and not expected and therefore, becomes memorable. It is called the Stickiness Factor or Viral Marketing. Remember “Where’s the beef?” or “Got Milk?” Yes, these companies spent […]

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Marketing: Who is Your Messenger?

Who is your messenger? This will quite possibly be the most important question you ask yourself when creating a marketing strategy. Based on a popular novel, “The Tipping Point” I will go over three important types of people to look for in helping you create a successful campaign. 1. Connectors – These are the people […]

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Marketing: Go beyond the traditional

Traditional marketing is not working! Even what some consider nontraditional marketing is not working. Why? Immunity. Do you remember when you were a kid and you would get a letter in the mail? It was so exciting. Now how do you feel about the mail? Bills, junk mail, bills. The only thing you open first […]

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To a Wonderful Twenty-ten!

It is unbelievable that another year has gone by. I can honestly say that this has been such an amazingly transforming year! I owe many thanks to my insanely supportive family, friends, colleagues, and most of all my muse and baby boy, Jacob of whom this page is adorned with his likeness from 2009. Below […]

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