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Photo Studio Practice: Finding, Hiring, Training, and yes, Firing Assistants

There are two roles an assistant can take: studio assistant or production assistant. They sometimes cross over each other, but most times do not. Studio people tend to be the ones really good with the left brain stuff like organizing, tracking, billing, paper work, filing, etc., while production assistants are the more creative types. They […]

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Photo Studio Practice: Finding an Assistant

Here are ten tips on how to find just the right assistant: 1. Write out a list of things you will need them to do on a weekly basis. 2. Determine the number of hours per week you will need them. 3. Decide what the best days would be for you to have them in […]

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Photo Studio Practice: Hiring an Assistant

Here are ten tips on how to successfully HIRE an assistant: 1. Write up a list of thoughtful questions to ask. Click HERE for a list I use. 2. Create a simple form for them to fill out. Go to any local store and ask for an application, then copy it for yourself. You may […]

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Photo Studio Practice: Training an Assistant

Here are some useful tips on how to train both a Studio Assistant and a Production Assistant. TRAIN an Assistant (Studio) 1. For Studio Assistants, give small repeatable tasks at first to get them warmed up. You will learn a lot about HOW they learn right in the beginning. Get them into a routine. This […]

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Photo Studio Practice: Firing an Assistant

Here are 5 tips on firing your assistant: 1. For Production assistants it is easy: don’t ask them back for your next job. 2. For Studio assistants you will have to sit down with them and actually tell them they are no longer needed. Be honest. Do not tell them a lie or give them […]

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Photo Studio Practice: Ten Questions to ask when interviewing an intern or assistant

Why do you want to be involved in my industry? What interests you the most about it? How long have you been studying photography? Can I see some samples of your work? What type of personality would you describe yourself as? What would you consider your assets are as an employee to your past employers? […]

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