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Wedding Album Design: Printers & Binders

weddingalbum2Designing an album can be super easy or super hard depending on several factors: knowing what printer/binder to use, having the right software, and understanding basic design elements and principles are a good place to start. So, first things first: what printer/binder should you use. Most binderies offer print services so you can one stop shop. If you have a printer you already like using, you may have it drop shipped right to the binder’s door for convenience. If you have no professional lab that you are currently using I recommend Bay Photo.

You will then need to determine the Printer and Binder you will use and obtain design software or design specs for trimming.

Binders to Consider:

1. Renaissance Albums (SoHo Book and Fine Art Book)
2. Leather Craftsmen (3500 Series)

1. White Glove (ink jet mount bound books)
2. Cypress (Less slick more atisan feel)
3. Couture Book (all one of a kind books)

1. Asuka Book (for true coffee table style look)
2. Blurb (less expensive but not color corrected; all gang run)

Then determine the final size so you can begin the design process. The most typical size is 10×10 but in actuality there are no size limitations so decide what you would like to offer and stick with it. Brides do not want to be overwhelmed with too many choices. They want pretty much three options: high end, what everyone gets, and dirt cheep.

Once you determine who you are going to use to produce the book you will then decide how you will design it. You may use existing drag and drop (D&D) templates from the company or design it from scratch using Adobe InDesign or Photoshop. I design everything from scratch using InDesign. I then export my pages as high print quality PDFs and then import them into PhotoShop to create JPEGs of each spread. Most companies only take high resolution JPEG files (final output size by 300 dpi).

The next post will be on designing the album including the Elements and Principles of Design.

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