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Biography: Jen O’Sullivan is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner. She works with her clients from a holistic perspective focusing on the foundations of health and wellness both spiritually and physically. Jen is one of the most trusted, credible, and reliable educators in the complimentary and alternative medicine field because she is known for her helpful, logical, and efficacious solutions that are distilled from deep research on many topics. She is the author of over 50 books, with nine being Amazon best-sellers, on topics such as natural health, biblical studies, devotionals, and doctrine. Jen has been a professional educator and international conference speaker since 1999. She has a desire to help educate on holistic health and wellness through natural wellness products and lifestyle changes with the overarching goal of reaching women for Jesus. She runs an online women’s ministry group called Roots & Fruits with over 3,300 women.

Specialized Practice: Jen works with her clients from a holistic perspective focusing on the foundations of health and wellness. She specializes in phototherapy for anti-aging and inflammation control through stem cell and GHK-Cu activation as well as hormone balancing for women, herbal supplementation, and medicinal aromatics. She is currently studying the effects of photobiomodulation and its relationship to sugar, metabolism, and the inflammatory response in the body. She is currently studying to be a Certified Master Herbalist.

Personal Life: Jen is married to her best friend who is also her high school sweetheart, Tim O’Sullivan. They have an amazing son, Jacob, and an adorable miniature pincher, Dash and French bulldog, Harley. They live in Aliso Viejo, California most of the time and also in Mammoth Lakes, California. She loves the outdoors and her hobbies include mountain biking, hiking, and snowboarding, playing the piano, writing music, and studying the Word of God.


  • Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy (BCND) through the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners
  • Licensed Ecclesiastical Holistic Practitioner through GEHA (LEHP1033)
  • Board Certified Naturopath (BCN) through the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners
  • Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner through Trinity School of Natural Health
  • Certified French Medicinal Aromatherapist through the School for Aromatic Studies
  • Degree in Naturopathy through the UK Centre for Excellence
  • Certified Master Trainer through Vitality Lifestyle Coaching

Below are a list of resources for you to check out if you would like to work with Jen.

Email: jen@jenosullivan.com


Email: tim@31oils.com

On Amazon: www.Amazon.com


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