Spike Protein Detox

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

Studies have show the use of Nattokinase may help degradate spike proteins. Other findings support the use of Curcumin (Turmeric), NAC, and Bromelain.

Simple solution: Use CircuZyme and PneumoVen from PRL!

  • CircuZyme contains Nattokinase and Curcumin (Turmeric) along with other very beneficial herbs and amino acids like Carnitine!
  • PneumoVen contains Bromelain, Turmeric, and NAC along with other roots and herbs like Chlorella, Garlic, and Clove.

Some of my favorites are PQQ, Taurine, and CircuZyme and PneumoVen. See below for comparison list on VitaHolistics.

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Menopause and Probiotics – The 25 Symptoms of Menopause

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

What is worst part about menopause for you?

  1. Mood Swings
  2. Irritability
  3. Night Sweats
  4. Hot Flashes
  5. Apron Belly
  6. Weight Gain
  7. Joint Pain
  8. Fatigue
  9. Lack of Motivation
  10. Vaginal Dryness
  11. Lack of Libido
  12. Anxiety/Panic
  13. Depression
  14. Sleeplessness
  15. Thinning Hair
  16. Brittle Nails
  17. Brain Fog
  18. Osteoporosis
  19. Itchy Skin
  20. Heart Palpitations
  21. Dizziness
  22. Bloating
  23. Urinary Incontinence
  24. Muscle Aches
  25. Headaches

One of our favorite menopause relief items is phototherapy used with the right probiotic! Ask me about the right patch and check out these amazing benefits when you use the right probiotic strains together!

Microbiome-18 by PRL contains eight powerful strains, clinically tested for their menopausal support properties along with 10 other strains that are highly beneficial for your overall health!

Strain #1: B. Subtilis is a rare probiotic that is highly effective for digestion. A study of 200 people showed an average 8.5% impact on weight after several weeks of consuming.

Strain #2: B. Longum activates genes that impact fat metabolism and support our levels of blood sugar in the body. B. Longum can help support the immune system. 70% of the immune system is located in the intestines. Good gut bacteria can maintain a healthy immune response, which can also support the gut wall to improve digestive issues such as IBS and gluten intolerance.

Strain #3: B. Breve is a special strain has been shown to support digestion, manage inflammatory responses, and help cholesterol levels. B. Breve may also help improve the appearance and hydration of healthy hair and skin by preventing water loss and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Strain #4: L. Plantarum is a probiotic that can help break down food, absorb nutrients, and helps improve the immune system to fight off the unwanted organisms that might cause diseases. This strain also helps relieve menopause symptoms and improves sleep. It is one of the main strains in the mouth and it supports dental health.

Strain #5: L. Rhamnosus helps to relieve bloating and other IBS symptoms such as abdominal discomfort, bloating, and gas. It may also help to suppress appetite and food cravings for women. L. Rhamnosus also supports the relieving hot flashes and night sweats.

Strain #6: L. Casei supports better sleep and helps relieve menopause symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats. L. Casei also may help improve the appearance and hydration of healthy hair and skin by preventing water loss and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Strain #7: L. Acidophilus supports the relieving hot flashes and night sweats. Women between 40 and 60 that supplemented with Lactobacillus acidophilus noticed improvements in menopause symptoms. This strain helps menopausal women with fatigue, vaginal dryness, and nervousness. L. Acidophilus promotes heart health by helping to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure levels already within normal range. This helps to support a healthy cardiovascular system.

Strain #8: L. Bulgaricus is important for maintaining dental hygiene and health. It plays a role in preventing intestinal diseases and supporting the immune system.

Combining Strains L. Acidophilus, L. Casei and L.Plantarum –When taken together, these strains helped to influence mental well-being in a positive way. Improvements are noted in mood, with a marked decrease in depression and anger and an increase in overall positivity. There is also a decrease in cortisol over time when taking these strains together.

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Ditch and Switch Coffee Protocol

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

Coffee… considered by many to be the elixir of life and even called the elixir of the gods. Many humans cannot even function in the morning before their cup-of-joe ritual. On the other side did you know that coffee is toxic? No one needs coffee, but somehow everyone is addicted to it. All of the popular posts on why coffee is good for you are false. They are written by addicts trying to justify their addiction. In a nutshell, coffee disrupts your endocrine system. Coffee is not the elixir of life… coffee is the elixir of death. 

Too dramatic? Let me help you understand why coffee is bad. 

Coffee torpedoes your endocrine system. Your endocrine system are the glands that regulate all of your hormones throughout your entire body. There are eight major endocrine glands (13 in total) and they regulate practically every aspect of your world from your metabolism, sleep patterns, energy, moods, temperature, growth and development, blood pressure, stress response, and pretty much everything surrounding reproduction and your sex life. 

Put simply, your hormones regulate your life, and coffee disrupts them all.

Imagine a world where you sleep well, wake up refreshed and fully energized, your metabolism is working properly, your moods are stable throughout the day, your stress response is in tip top shape, etc etc? Pretty great right?

Stop drinking coffee! Do it for 30 days. Stick to it! You’ll feel so much better after the 30 days! Your endocrine system will start to heal and your natural energy will return.


Stop all caffeine consumption of any kind. No coffee, no decaf, no tea (herbal is fine), no caffeinated sodas, no chocolate, no Excedrine or pills containing caffeine.

Drink lots of alkaline water. At least half your body weight in ounces. Example: if you are 200lbs then divide that by two swap the lbs to oz to give you a daily intake of 100 oz of water. Add 20 ounces if you workout (which you should). Drink this water slowly at a rate of 4-5 ounces every 30 minutes. Doing this will keep you properly hydrated. 

Swap your morning coffee with Dandy Blend Instant Herbal Beverage with Dandelion. You can buy single use packet sticks on Amazon. Use 1 packet with every 4-6 ounces. The less water you use, the more like coffee it will taste. Teeccino is one that tastes very much like coffee and is also from dandelion or chicory root. Add some natural sweetener if you like, but dandelion is sweet already. Adding cream is not necessary but you are welcome to if you want it to be more creamy.

Optional to speed up detox: Juice at least once per day. Masticating juicers are best, but a centrifugal juicer is fine too. Drink 12-16 ounces of juiced dark leafy greens such as kale and spinach. Add cucumber, celery, and green apples. Use fresh ginger too if you are experiencing nausea. Drink within 15 minutes of juicing to obtain the most benefits.

Take a hot bath every night with 2 cups Epsom Salt for the first 7 nights. For the remainder of the detox take 2 baths per week. If you do not have access to a bath, a foot bath will do (use a large bowl with warm to hot water or buy a foot tub).

Get a circulation enhancing deep tissue massage once a week. These are often called sports massage and will encourage blood flow. If you are unable to get a massage, preform one on yourself by rubbing firmly each limb, away from your heart. 

Exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. A brisk walk is fine. You must maintain a higher heart rate and should be sweating by 10 minutes into the exercise. If you’re able to freely talk to someone then you’re not trying hard enough. You must get your lymphatic system moving.

Give yourself freedom to nap and sleep longer. If napping in is not an option, then make sure you go to sleep 2 hours earlier than normal.

Expect to be crabby! Your body won’t be happy but it’s important to stick with this for the full 30 days. Mood swings and a bad temper are to be expected. You may use several emotion supporting essential oils such as Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, and Black Spruce, and emotional supporting supplements such as Turmeric and Vitamin D3. 

I’ve helped hundreds of women go off coffee with this. They all tell me that they wanted to prove me wrong only to find out what a blessing it has been for them. I hope this blesses you and I’m here for support if you need it!


Parasite Cleanse 

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

Supplements: Get 2-3 bottles each of ParaStat and Paratosin along with Calcium Magnesium Plus, Microbiome-18 and Probiotic Caps. 


Video: https://youtu.be/oJ7YYBFtikE


Drink 3 big gulps of water every 30 minutes during your waking hours.

Limit sugar, dairy, and processed foods


Paratosin, ParaStat, Castor Oil, Cotton Flannel, Calcium Magnesium Plus, and Microbiome-18


  • Upon Waking: Take one capsule each of Paratosin and ParaStat
  • At lunch take one each of Probiotic Caps and Microbiome-18.
  • Before Bed: Take one capsule each of Paratosin and ParaStat and 1-2 capsules of Calcium Magnesium Plus.
  • After three weeks, stop for one week.


  • Upon Waking: Take two capsule each of Paratosin and ParaStat
  • At lunch take one each of Probiotic Caps and Microbiome-18.
  • Before Bed: Take two capsule each of Paratosin and ParaStat and 1-2 capsules of Calcium Magnesium Plus.
  • After three weeks, stop for one week.


  • Upon Waking: Take one capsule each of Paratosin and ParaStat
  • At lunch take one each of Probiotic Caps and Microbiome-18.
  • Before Bed: Take one capsule each of Paratosin and ParaStat and 1-2 capsules of Calcium Magnesium Plus.


  • During the full 90 days, make sure you are drinking enough water and getting lymphatic stimulation such as walking or dry brushing.
  • Drink organic Hyssop Tea often (not the essential oil, but the herb).
  • Do not eat any pork, raw fish, or raw seafood. They are riddled with parasites!
  • If you are having heavy detox remember to drink your water and take an epsom bath a couple times a week and/or do an organic coffee enema once a week.

The Eeyore Effect – How Mindset Effects Your Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

Consider this non-medical term that has major implications on how your body responds to anything you use for your health. It is called the “Eeyore Effect”. Your mind can and will deter you from health. If you have a bad attitude about always being sick you will always be sick. 

If you have coined your pain as something you own such as “my pain, my disease, my illness”, then guess what, you own it and will never get rid of it. It is time for you to do some serious mental work and consider how you speak about your issues and how you may be holding onto them.

As a very clear example, I can put on an essential oil that is supposed to give me a sense of joy, yet if I am mad, and I want to stay mad, my body will reject the action of that oil. It is the same with supplements, oils, health foods, and any other healing modality.

A way to help overcome this is to do some specific mental exercises. When working with a modality such as an oil, supplement, patch, etc, sit or lie on your back for about 10 minutes with your hands on your belly. Take some deep breaths in and out. With your eyes closed, visualize the specific modality working well. Visualize your cells waking up and utilizing the modality you are working with. Visualize healing and wellness throughout your entire body. Work from the center of the issue area out. Do this at least once per day for a week to 30 days or more.

Your mind is an extremely powerful healing tool, so use it wisely!