The Best CLEAN Makeup Companies Comparison Chart


Download the printable PDF here.

Based on continued use over the past year of several companies, here is the updated list of clean makeup. withSimplicity is the overall winner with no complaints at all and is most like Savvy. I did, however switch to liquid during this testing and found that the wS liquid foundation is far superior to the Savvy one, so for this I would actually say wS is BETTER than Savvy.

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My thoughts on the other top contenders:

Toups got a 1/2 point deduction because they do have good customer service, but they are often out of stock of the colors I needed making it impossible for me to even use their makeup. I cannot recommend a company that is always having stocking issues. I know this is normal for all companies but every time I needed something from Toups it was OOS.

Root, while excellent, got a one point deduction simply because after using it for some time, it really is not like Savvy at all. Their powder foundation takes some getting used to as it goes on really thick. Far thicker than my liking and I really could not get it figured out. All their other products are great and super fun to try. Excellent price point too.

Juice Beauty is a go to when you need to pop into a store to get makeup. They sell this at ULTA (not sure about Sephora) and some department stores. It is literally the ONLY fully clean makeup line that you can buy in a national beauty store.