Nutrition – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

What we eat says a lot about us, emotionally and culturally. Emotional and cultural eating may derail your ability to make wise nutrition choices. Change your identity surrounding food and claim a new identity as someone who makes excellent nutrition choices!

There are two main objectives to eating a more healthful diet: eat lots of colorful veggies and limit processed foods. Blow are five tips to help you master the nutrition foundation of health:

  • Rainbow: Focus on eating the rainbow – lots of color.
  • Processed Foods: Limit processed foods. Read all labels. See our “Avoid List”.
  • Sugar: Keep added sugars to under 25 grams per day. Limit hybridized fruits (most fruits).
  • Organic: Eat organic when possible.
  • Supplements: Use only food-sourced supplementation when needed.