Nature – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

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Most of us spend a good amount of time inside. We work inside, eat inside, sleep inside, and even often exercise inside. While winter months may be more difficult to spend time outside in nature, bundle up and get some fresh air! Spend time in nature daily. It will do you more good than you know.

  • Sun: 10 minutes on lower back or belly daily. In winter months this may not be possible so make sure to take some high bioavailalbe D3 and K2. Get my favorite here.
  • Earthing: Walk barefoot on grass or dirt. If it is too cold outside, you can simulate this indoors in a large planter.
  • Gardening: Work with soil without gloves.
  • Hike/Walk: Be in nature many times a week.
  • Breathwork: Practice outdoors in nature.
  • Marvel: Take time to stand in awe of the beauty that can be found all around you in nature. 

Exercise – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

The benefits of exercise is often overlooked. More and more people are dealing with being overwhelmed, too busy, and highly stressed. Exercise may not be your go-to in order to help ease tension and calm you down, but there are 30 reasons you should consider adding a more robust exercise routine into your day and week.

  1. Improves brain health
  2. Improves mood
  3. Strengthens bones
  4. Strengthens muscles
  5. Strengthens joints
  6. Improves posture
  7. Improves sleep patterns
  8. Lowers risk of cardiovascular disease
  9. Improves circulation
  10. Improves lymphatic flow
  11. Supports cellular detoxification
  12. Helps manage proper weight
  13. Reduces risk of Type 2 Diabetes
  14. Oxygenates cells for mitochondrial activity
  15. Reduces stress
  16. Improves fertility
  17. Reduces risk of cancer
  18. Lowers high blood pressure
  19. Improves longevity
  20. Supports eye health
  21. Improves skin health
  22. Builds agility
  23. Improves motivation
  24. Improves creativity
  25. Improves confidence
  26. Increases energy
  27. Decreases anxiety and depression
  28. Reduces the risk of stroke
  29. Increases healthy stem cell activity
  30. Decreases healthcare costs

What should you do? Perform sweat-inducing activities daily.

  • Walk: Walk briskly for 10-20 minutes per day.
  • Stairs: Climb 3-5 flights of stairs per day. 
  • Stretching: Stretch often. Make it a habit.
  • Lymphatic: Stimulate your lymphatic system by doing brief exercises every hour.
  • Cardio: Perform 30-60 minutes of sweat-inducing activity 2-3 times per week.
  • Weight Bearing: Use weights 2-3 times a week to strengthen bones.

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