Natural & Clean Products

Below is a list of products I personally use and have researched for toxicity and have found them to be non-endocrine disrupting, clean products.








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  • AgilEase – From PRL: Turmeric, Joint & Disc
  • AlkaLime  – From PRL: ACV Premier
  • Allerzyme  – From PRL: Digestase-SP (also GastroVen, Inflammacidin, and Digest Premier)
  • AminoWise  – From PRL: Plant Protein Powder
  • BLM – From PRL: Joint & Disc
  • CardioGize  – From PRL: D3+K2
  • ComforTone  – From PRL: Psyllium Fiber Premier
  • CortiStop  – From PRL: Pregnenolone and DHEA
  • Daily Prebiotic Fiber (formerly ICP Daily) – From PRL: Probiotic Caps (prebiotics with probiotics)
  • Detoxzyme  – From PRL: Digestase-SP  (also GastroVen or Inflammacidin)
  • EndoGize  – From PRL: Men’s Performance Edge or Testosterone Premium
  • Essentialzymes-4  – From PRL: Digest Premier (also GastroVen, Inflammacidin, and Digestase-SP)
  • Essentialzyme  – From PRL: GastroVen and HCL Premier
  • FemiGen  – From PRL: Fem Balance-FX or Radiant Woman
  • Golden Turmeric  – From PRL: Fermented Turmeric or Turmeric Premier
  • Green Omegas (formerly OmegaGize3) – From PRL: EPA/DHA Marine Soft Gels (vegan use DHA Premier and EFA Liquid)
  • ICP – From PRL: Psyllium Fiber Premier 
  • ICP Daily (Daily Prebiotic Fiber) – From PRL: Probiotic Caps (prebiotics with probiotics)
  • IlluminEyes – From PRL: OcuVen
  • ImmuPro – From PRL: Reishi Immune, Tranquinol, and/or Melatonin-ND and Zinc
  • Inner Beauty Collagen™ – From PRL: Marine Collagen
  • Inner Defense – From PRL: Paratosin and Oregano Oil Premier
  • JuvaPower – From PRL: HepatoVen and Liver-ND
  • JuvaTone – From PRL: HepatoVen and Liver-ND
  • K & B  – From PRL: RenaVen and UriVen
  • Life 9  – Probiotic Caps or Microbiome 18
  • Master Formula  – From PRL: Multi Vitamin Premier
  • MegaCal – From PRL: Calcium Magnesium Plus
  • MightyPro – From PRL: Microbiome 18 or Probiotic Caps
  • MindWise – From PRL: CoQ10 and Turmeric
  • Mineral Essence – From PRL: pH Minerals
  • MultiGreens – From PRL: Greens Caps or Organic Greens Powder
  • NingXia Greens™ – From PRL: Organic Greens Powder or Greens Caps
  • NingXia Red® – Elderberry Syrup or Kyani Sunrise
  • Olive Essentials – From PRL: Olive Leaf Immune
  • OmegaGize3 (now Green Omegas) – From PRL: EPA/DHA Marine Soft Gels (vegan use DHA Premier and EFA Liquid)
  • ParaFree – From PRL: ParaStat and Paratosin
  • PD 80/20 – From PRL: Pregnenolone and DHEA
  • PowerGize – From PRL: Men’s Performance Edge
  • Progessence Plus – From PRL: Pregnenolone and DHEA
  • Prostate Health – From PRL: Men’s Performance Edge or ProstaVen
  • Pure Protein Complete: From PRL: Plant Protein
  • SleepEssence – From PRL: Tranquinol or Melatonin-ND
  • Slique Line – From PRL: Lean Advantage
  • Sulfurzyme  Capsules – No MSM from PRL, you can use Doctor’s Best MSM on Amazon
  • Sulfurzyme  Powder – No MSM from PRL, you can use Doctor’s Best MSM on Amazon
  • Super B  – From PRL: Complete B
  • Super Cal  Plus – From PRL: Calcium Magnesium Plus
  • Super C  Chews – From PRL: Plant Vitamin C
  • Super C  Tablets – From PRL: Plant Vitamin C
  • Super Vitamin D – From PRL: D3+K2
  • Thyromin – From PRL: ThyroVen or XenoStat

Purpose – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

Download the free report HERE.

It is said that a person can live for three weeks without food, three days without water, three hours without shelter in a harsh environment, three minutes without oxygen, and three seconds without hope. We need hope to survive and having a purpose in life gives us that hope in heaping spoonfuls.

Find and know your deeper purpose using these helpful tips:

  • Purpose: Find what brings you joy and what God’s intended purpose is for you.
  • Hope: What is your hope built on? Lean into that and develop it.
  • Hobbies: Spend time each week honing a skill or hobby.
  • Discipline: Develop habits to build greater character.
  • Learn: Learn new things to stretch yourself.

Relationships – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

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It has been studied and proven that having healthy relationships can benefit your body’s stress response, improve healing time, increase potential for healthier lifestyle, gives a greater sense of purpose, and may increase life-span.

Be intentional about family and friends through some of these action steps: 

  • Physical Touch: Give hugs to family and friends often.
  • Cultivate: Work on developing 2-3 deeper relationships this season.
  • Time: Make actual, scheduled time for those you love.
  • Support: Support your friends and family when they are struggling.
  • Listen: Listen to understand rather than listen to respond.


Spirituality – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

It is important to practice prayer and worship daily. With stress and anxiety on the rise, more and more people are trying to find answers. Spirituality, while a broad topic, should not be confused with the Truth of spirituality. If you want to learn more about God and His desire for your spirituality, head over to my blog called “Holy, Just, Love.

  • Prayer: Start and end your day with prayer, and pray often in between.
  • Sing: Worship through music and singing.
  • Meditate: Meditate on spiritual things.
  • Read: Read the Bible and other Biblically supportive books.
  • Community: Be intentional about fellowship.

Emotions – Essential Foundation of Health

By Dr. Jen O’Sullivan

Download the free report HERE.

Focus on your emotional health daily to reduce stress and anxiety. There are many ways to do this such as prayer, listening to your favorite songs, taking a nap, getting body work like a massage or chiropractic work, working through emotional release through various techniques. I find that the Emotion Code® by Dr. Bradley Nelson is a great way to release trapped emotions. See below for details or get his book online.

  • Inner Circle: Have someone you can talk to.
  • Best Yes: It is OK to say no. Is it your best “yes”?
  • Trapped Emotions: Work on releasing trapped emotions.
  • Lean In: Embrace struggles and lean into them to build character.
  • Growth: How are you intentionally growing your emotional health?

Emotion Code® Method:

  1. Check your polarity. If you are constantly tripping and bumping into things, your polarity may be reversed. Do the cross crawl method to balance your polarity.
  2. Make sure you are properly hydrated.
  3. MRT (Muscle Response Testing)
    O-Ring Method: Link your hands by putting both pointer fingers and thumbs into an O-ring shape. See demonstration here. State your name as, “My name is _______”. Check the strength of the bond. It should be strong. State an incorrect name from the opposite sex, “My name is ______” and your O-ring bond should break. If it doesn’t do the cross crawl method again to reset polarity.
    The Sway Method: Stand up straight with your feet hip distance apart. Place your hand over your chest. Say the word “love” and you should sway forward. Say the word “hate” and you should sway backward.
  4. Make the statement aloud, “I have a trapped emotion.” With your chosen MRT method you should get a positive answer.
  5. Look briefly at the Emotion Code® Chart (below) and say “This trapped emption is in column A.” If you get a positive response then move to the next step. If negative, say “This trapped emotion is in column B.”
  6. Work through the chart until you find your trapped emotion. Go from columns to rows (odd row vs even row, then individual rows, then onto each emotion in that column and row.)
  7. Once you find the emotion say, “I have the trapped emotion of________.”
  8. Next you will determine when this emotion was trapped. Ask yourself if the emotion was inherited. If yes, find out which side of your family. Check which generation.
  9. If the emotion was not inherited, determine which part of your life it occurred in. “This emotion is from the first half of my life.” If the answer is yes, ask if it was in utero and then which trimester from your mother. If not in utero, check by age blocks such as “This emotion is from the first five years of life.” Keep asking in sets of five until you get your time frame, then ask specific ages. If not from the first half of your life, continue to check through the second half of your life using the same method.
  10. When you determine the age of your trapped emotion, ask the question “I need to find out more about this trapped emotion.” If yes, say “I can release this emotion now.” If yes, then release it.
  11. If more info is needed, you may need to continue to investigate and identify the circumstances that is associated with the trapped emotion.
  12. Think about any body part or organ that has been chronically in pain or ill that happened the same year you found in your investigation. Say, “This trapped emotion is in my _____?”
  13. Once you find out all the information you need, say, “I can release this emotion now.” If yes, release it. You may simply say, “I release this emotion.” There are additional magnet methods to ensure release, but often working through this without magnets is perfectly effective.